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Show DivWill Epigen™ help with obesity?

Most certainly. The modern plague of obesity in humans and pets is directly due to the consumption of starches and sugars. A ketogenic diet that has long been proven to be the most effective means of achieving healthy weight.

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Show DivI'm concerned about the number of calories in my pet's food as he/she struggles with obesity. How many calories does Epigen™ have?

Epigen™ has approximately 489 calories per cup, but please note that "calories" misses the point of Epigen™ and the true cause of obesity.

Obesity is not caused by calories, per se. That is a myth. Obesity is caused by the form in which calories are delivered to the body. Starch calories are the cause of weight problems in pets since the sugars derived from the starches cause insulin and leptin resistance, and fat deposition.

The body is designed to burn fat for energy (rather than sugar). The formulation of Epigen™ helps in maintenance of lean body musculature, higher energy expenditure at rest, and the loss of excess body stores of fat.

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Show DivI have an older pet. Shouldn't I be concerned about too much protein in the diet?

Your concern should be about not enough quality protein. Older pets are less able to maintain muscle mass and to digest protein. Epigen™ is extremely high quality protein and exactly what your pet needs.

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Show DivI am a breeder. Would Epigen™ be good for puppies?

Yes. Puppies have the highest nutrient demands of any time in life. Epigen™ offered free choice is a perfect puppy and kitten food.

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Show DivMy cat is prone to urinary stones. Will Epigen™ help?

Yes. Epigen™ is exceptionally high in protein. High protein diets help to generate an acid urine which will both prevent and resolve the most common struvite stones that cause urolithiasis.

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