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Idiopathic Pleomorphic Diseases

It is commonly thought that, by and large, disease is just one of those things that can occur by chance and there is little that can be done about it. Particularly in adult life, various maladies come in groupings such as dental disease-obesity-infections-digestive problems-poor energy-skin and coat problems-allergies-etc. These groupings of maladies take on many forms (are pleomorphic), and the cause cannot be readily identified (idiopathic). Such decline in health is manifest in many ways and can usually be linked to longstanding improper nutrition and deficiencies. When young, the body can mask these deficiencies due to its resilience and reserves. But as time passes and these capabilities wane, vulnerability to ill health manifests. Since starch effectively displaces proper protein and micronutrient nutrition, it lies at the root of such adult onset ill health.

• “…other moulds found in grains have been shown to have hepatotoxic and oncogenic action…the chance in the incidence of cirrhosis corresponds to a change in diet…” Chesterman, F. C., and A. Pomerance. Cirrhosis and liver tumours in a closed colony... British Journal of Cancer, 19 (4), 802-811, 1965.
• “…implicates glucose and other simple carbohydrates in the control of phagocytosis…” Sanchez, A., et al. Role of sugars in…neutrophilic phagocytosis. American Journal of Nutrition, 26, 1180-1184, 1973.
• “…inclusion of sugar…or increase in sucrose on the diet of healthy volunteers produces several changes in the body. Some of these resemble the abnormalities seen in coronary heart disease, and others those seen in maturity-onset diabetes….” Yudkin, J., et al. Effects of high dietary sugar. British Medical Journal, 281, 1396, 1980.
• “…sugar, particularly excessive fructose intake, has a critical role in the epidemic of cardiorenal disease…” Johnson, R. J., et al. Potential role of sugar (fructose) in the epidemic of hypertension, obesity and the metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney disease, and cardiovascular disease. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 86 (4), 899-906, 2007.

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