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Maillard Toxicity

Acrylamides and other Maillard (glycation) products in food are known to be neurotoxic, genome-affecting, and carcinogenic. They are formed when reducing sugars, such as glucose from starch, react during heat processing with certain amino acids such as asparagine, from proteins. The only way to decrease these toxins is to decrease the amount of reactant starch sugars in the diet, and by incorporating probiotics, such as in Epigen™.

• “…one of the major routes of acrylamide formation is the reaction between asparagines and the carbonyl group of a reducing sugar such as fructose or glucose…acrylamide is known to be a neurotoxic, genome-affecting, and carcinogenic compound…to reduce the amount of acrylamide formed…reducing the amount of reactants, that is, asparagine and reducing sugars…” Baardseth, P., et al. Lactic Acid Fermentation Reduces Acrylamide Formation and Other Maillard Reactions in French Fries. Journal of Food Science, 71 (1), 2006.
• “…asparagine, a major amino acid in potatoes and cereals, is a crucial participant in the production of acrylamide…” Mottram, D. S., et al. Food Chemistry: Acrylamide is formed in the Maillard reaction. Nature, 419, 448-449, 2002.

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